How To Design a Good Leaflet

It’s easy to design any leaflet. But it’s much more difficult to make a good one, one that catches people’s eyes and makes them remember the advertised product or service. Here you will find several tips on how to design a good leaflet. Let’s get right to it

Catchy title

A leaflet’s title is one of the first things that people see. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of coming up with a good name. If your title manages to grab people’s attention, they will most likely read through the whole leaflet instead of putting it away.

Good design

Even with good information inside, a leaflet with poor design won’t have much success out there. So make sure you come up with something original and striking.

General theme

While devising text for your leaflet, keep in mind that it should follow a common theme throughout it. Don’t jump from one point to another. Be consistent.


It may seem like a good idea to include all kinds of fonts in your leaflet to make it stand out. In fact, all it does is distracts people too much and makes it hard to read through the leaflet. So don’t go crazy with those fonts.

Be succinct

Information overload is never a good thing. Think of a way to tell as much about your product or service as possible in as few words as possible. Also, you don’t want your text to be dry. Include some colourful words to awaken people’s imagination and make them interested in what they are reading.


An image can say more than words, so make sure you include some in your leaflet. However, don’t overload your leaflet with them. It’s better to include a few images here and there than a heap of them all over the place.

Do a spell check

You may think that including something like this in the tip list is silly, but the last thing you want is to have a misspelled word or two in your leaflet. Having something like this undermines the entire effort you put into creating your leaflet, so make sure your grammar is perfect before you start printing.

Paper quality

Last but not least is how good your leaflet paper is. Don’t go cheap on this. It is infinitely much better to hold a leaflet that feels nice instead of one that may fall apart any second. So make sure you pick a good material.