Hertfordshire University

The University of Hertfordshire is a public research study university in Hertfordshire, England, Uk. The university is based mostly in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


Executive Summary

The University of Herefordshire approached ASA Distribution after recognising a possible need for Leaflet Distribution. This research is very important for research and the public's help is of utmost significance. The reason for its importance is because recently, mobile technologies, which are the new form of Information, and Communication Technologies (ICT), have gradually spread all over society. These mobile devices, in this case, tablet devices are now considered to be beneficial to both individuals and organisations. However, there have been some concerns regarding the tablet devices acceptance (adoption), purchase and continued usage especially amongst the population aged 50 and above. Herfordshire University believe that despite these issues, the tablet device will be a suitable device for those within this identified population of 50 years and above due to its features, which include a large screen, font size etc.

The aim of this research is to identify and understand the factors that may influence UK residents’ decision-making intentions when adopting and continuing to use a tablet device. By understanding these factors, strategies can be developed to ensure that the needs of various age groups are met as well as to encourage the further spread of ICT.


Herfordshire University would need our team to distribute the leaflets (introductory letter & Survey) that they will prepare for ASA Distribution to distribute. ASA Distribution is also required to collect the surveys from residential homes with a target of achieving a minimum of 1000 surveys from 1000 homes (in case people do not know how to use a computer or access to a computer to complete the survey online).


ASA Distribution would distribute 10,000 leaflets requesting residents within the target distribution area to leave surveys outside their doorsteps for collection on a designated day.


We achieved our objectives and provided Haringey Council with the information requested.


10,000 Homes

Responses Needed

1,000 People

Response Rate Achieved


From The Client

“Having heard of ASA Distribution's flexible leaflet distribution options we decided to proceed with their services. We are due to commence the campaign on 01st August 2015 and we are looking forward receiving a clear insight into our research.”