Consultation Distribution

Are you a local authority or property developer? This could be for you!

ASA Distribution have pioneered the leaflet distribution industry with unique innovations and solutions outside of the 'norm'. Consultation Distribution is another extraordinary service which takes leaflet distribution to a whole new level.

If you are a property developer or require a public consultation this solution offers many advantages which traditional leaflet distribution does not.

What is Consultation Distribution?

This is a leaflet distribution methodology developed by ASA Distribution geared toward achieving 99.9% household penetration within a specific geography.

What does this mean?

With public consultations, it is imperative all household and or business establishments receive notification of an intention within a consolation area or affected zone, often for legal reasons. ASA Distribution have conducted many distribution campaigns where residence claim to not have received a public consultation document, often to overt the course of the activity or change taking place within their affected area. This can often lead to a project being delayed or advertised depending on the severity of the situation. As a result we take the following precautions when executing campaigns:

  1. Where access is restricted to residential communities such as flats, apartments or gated communities we will revisit the block or specific apartments within 24 hours.
  2. We download and store all GPS data in the event of any queries pertaining to the consultation distribution.
  3. We can refer to Geo tagging as proof of delivery.
  4. Where access is impossible, we will send consultation documents via Royal Mail's Network.
  5. All Distribution is video recorded and can be used as evidence.

Key Benefits

Here are a few hand picked reasons for choosing this distribution type.

Video Recorded Distribution

All consultation distribution benefit from video recording together with 1 GPS logger and a separate live tracker.

Greater Control Over Your Distribution Start Date

We can start our campaign at a date or time that suits you.

Localised Specialist Distribution

Extremely localized delivery conducted to your needs and or requirements.

Fast Repeat Delivery Attempts

We will redeliver to properties we missed within 24 hours with the assurance of Royal Mail signed delivery if all attempts fail.

GPS Queries Available for 6 Months

Distributors will carry 2 GPS devices for additional security and quality assurance. The data is held for up to 6 months after the consultation period.

Monitor Results

Monitor responses with an optional custom telephone number specific to this consultation distribution. This allows an accurate count of number of responses received from the consultation distribution campaign.

What Our Client says

We are very proud of the leaflet distribution service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most distribution companies.