Hand to Hand Distribution

Great for promoting your product or service at an event or in a public place

What is Hand to Hand Distribution?

Hand to hand distribution is the process of distributing (typically promotional printed media) directly to the hands of individuals within a predefined geographical area.
Hand to Hand Distribution can be a rewarding leaflet distribution methodology especially at events. Leaflets, flyers and or brochures are delivered directly to the hands of your prospective customers with the ability to make bespoke requests.

This distribution approach can be most effective at events or designated public areas within a chosen geography. Unlike leaflet Distribution. This type of distribution marketing requires permission from the local authority in certain areas of London. ASA Distribution have many years experience in delivering hand to hand distribution campaigns and are familiar with the process of applying for permission from the council (if applicable). When conducting Hand to Hand distribution campaigns we offer our client the flexibility of wearing promotional garments. This could include however not limited to T-shirts, vests, caps, placards etc. Whatever your Hand to Hand distribution requirement, contact us today for a free consultation.

Key Benefits

Here are a few hand picked reasons for choosing this distribution type.

More Targeted Reach

This type of Leaflet Distribution approach means your product or service is the only advertised industry being placed through a letterbox while your campaign is being distributed.

Control Over Who Represents You

Choose whether your prefer ladies or men, tall, brown or a specific skill set or knowledge base. The sky is the limit and we offer tailored solutions to meet budgetary requirements.

Not Just Leaflet Distribution

Collect data, request feedback and or customer interaction information. These are just some of the few customisations available as part of our commitment to high quality.

What Our Client says

We are very proud of the leaflet distribution service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most distribution companies.